Wednesday, September 2, 2015

NSAT Version 2 released and available

The National Situational Awareness Tool (NSAT) was released yesterday at the AFAC 2015 conference in Adelaide - click here for the release video.

This year there are 2 manuals; a public version containing all the publicly available emergency management related webfeeds and a private version that details all the secure jurisdictional webfeeds.

You can download a copy of the public version by clicking here.

Access to the private version is for government agencies and employees only. For more information about getting a copy please contact your local EMSINA representative or use the contacts page on the EMSINA website.

EMSINA Booth at AFAC15 - Day 2 Video

Here is a short video of EMSINA's second day at AFAC 2015...

Thanks again to EMA for their ongoing support of EMSINA.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ESRI - share maps and realtime info

Learn to share alerts, evac centre, traffic jam & real-time info on 1 map during a disaster.

Visit the EMSINA Booth @esriaustralia @EMSINAGroup

Mark Wallace (ESRI Australia) at the EMSINA Booth

NSAT - Release at AFAC15

At 12pm come to the Innovation Lounge to see the release of the National Situational Awareness Tool - Version II

Pre-Fire Front Property Triage in Tasmania

Aaron Cashion is going to present Pre-Fire Front Property Triage in Tasmania - come to the EMSINA booth.